bedlam mews

by slandercat

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The 'lost' debut slandercat album, an unfinished document of experimental pop.

The album was started in February 2010 and had collapsed by February 2012 - endless tweaking and revisions ended with a slow abandonment of the project.

When J's PC had been formatted, many plugins and samples were lost, leaving a single half-hour 320Kbps track as the last snapshot of the album.

That remained uncovered for almost two years, before J's brother's insistent pleas to release it resulted in this free release.


released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


slandercat London, UK

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Track Name: London
Midnight stroll from the Underground
Streetlights' twins in the river, with moonlight swell
My heart leaps at the beauty of the simple streets
That weave beneath the feet of constructs hewn from founders' dreams

This place holds you up
Holds you up to it's light and doesn't let up
This place holds you up
Holds you up to it's light and doesn't let up
It won't swallow me
I'll find the lamps that light for free

But it's all rubble to my cause
Bricks will crumble, monuments will fall
Bridge, Thames, Tate, Ben, finding truth outside them
I'll throw my shadow from a light worth living for
Track Name: Robin
Wrapped in a Robin's cape
The future
Hefting a weight of promises made to
The Younger
The Brighter
Are lessons learnt or are hopes just dashed against granite truths of
The Senior
The Been Through
The Know Better
The Embittered
The Seek Shelter
The Been Twisted

Fall robins fall
We'll see the world flash past our eyes
Don't act suprised
Our fledging flight
Fat chance our brittle wings will last
We'll fall apart

Free the Kid Free the Could Do
Free the Youth Free the Yearned For
Free the Teen Free the Took Hold

Free the Teen Free the Take Hold
Free the Kid Free the Can Do
Free the Youth Free the Yearns For
Track Name: Servers
Hear the sound of Babylon
Feel the heat of silicon
Staring deep into the sun
You're a war that can't be won

Trainers' laces left undone
This is holy ground my son
Bow the knee and tame the tongue
For a state of server farms

Hands and knees into the light
Fleshy walls of pink and white
Inner sanctum opens out
Angel choirs start to shout

Cables black and tendril-like
Slither down to wrap you tight
Circuits fade and set to sprout
Body, brain and soul shorts out

Guess I was taught apathy

Please give me sweet apathy
Track Name: Sculpture
Put your hope on hold
It's hopeless, she said
A cushion for regret

I know
I could plunge into this pattern
I could salvage the emotions
I could cauterise the passion
I could cage myself in comfort
I could eat the fruit of knowledge
I could taste a world of sorrow
Embrace the dust I sprang from
And lay down in the dirt
But I won't